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Percontor provides online workshops for educational administrators. Our workshops give administrators practical tools for handing contemporary challenges they face. All of our administrator training workshops are offered in a highly engaging online environment. These are not webinars or taped lectures: up to 30 people will join us live online for each workshop; each participant is able to ask questions and interact with the instructor via two-way audio and video.


Legal issues in education

Understanding student speech rights in a digital age

On a daily basis, school administrators deal with on-campus, student speech issues; increasingly, they are also asked to address online, off-campus scenarios such as cyberbullying, online parodies of teachers and administrators, and true threats to the school and students.  In the absence of a Supreme Court decision that clearly guides administrators as to when a school may regulate online, off-campus speech, they understandably struggle with trying to balance student free speech rights with the responsibility to maintain a safe and orderly school environment. This workshop will provide a refresher of First Amendment student speech considerations and practical guidance on how to approach online, off-campus student speech.

Transitioning schools: Best practices for supporting transgender students and creating safer schools

Students who identify as transgendered, or are perceived as gender non-conforming, are often the targets of harassment and bullying in schools and have associated academic and personal challenges to face. Administrators need practical guidance and tools to support transgendered students in school. Our workshop will focus on providing administrators the needed framework for understanding and meeting the needs of transgendered students with teachers and staff, discuss federal and state legal protections afforded transgendered students, and provide practical school-level supports and practices to make your school safe and welcoming for all students.